April 19, 2014

Record Store Day on Pop Punk Radio & FREE VINYL Giveaway Details

Record Store Day is coming to an end and our final "record-themed" song is actually a pair of songs by NOFX, starting with "We Got Two Jealous Agains" where Fat Mike sings about the joys of finding a special someone who owns a lot of the same records as you do. Jealous Again being a classic Black Flag EP. Old school punk collector's will enjoy a lot of the album titles mentioned in this song:

Of course, not all things work out and there may come a day when that combined record collection must be divided. As told in "I've Got One Jealous Again, Again" from Self-Entitled.

Sorry it didn't work out, Fat Mike. Hopefully you collectors found all the brightly colored vinyl gems you were hunting for today!

Also, another reminder. If you like FREE RECORDS, we are holding a contest giving away a few LPs, 7"s, CDs and digital downloads... get details here: link