April 17, 2014

Contest! Win FREE Records on Record Store Day Weekend!

It's Record Store Day weekend and the fellas of Versus You were kind enough to share their latest album with us, including most of their back catalog on CDs, LPs, 7"s, Digital DL and stickers galore! + more with us. We at Pop Punk Radio want to share the wealth and reward our listeners for helping us spread the word about the station.

You could win a Versus You CD, LP, 7 inch or digital download. Perhaps if you're super serial about showing your support, you might win multiple items!

How to Enter:
1. Be sure to "like" our Facebook and/or follow our Twitter page(s).
2. Post a comment or tweet using #poppunkradio and #versusyou as separate hash-tags. Simply tell your friends about us or tell everyone what great song or artist you recently heard on PopPunkRadio.com.

*Bonus points if you share or retweet any of our comments, pics or pages.
*Use both facebook AND twitter to increase your odds of being noticed.
*Enter 2-3 times per day to increase your odds.

5-10 winners will be announced and contacted on Tuesday. Winners will be selected primarily at random, but we will also be looking for creativity. We encourage you to use both forms of social media, but please refrain from spamming (no more than 2-3 entries per social media site per day.) You have VERY GOOD chance of winning something and it's FREE, so DO IT! :D

Check out our review of the album Moving On here: link