February 26, 2014

Music Videos: "Beast of Mind" by Fallow Fields

Check out this killer (bad-pun intended) music video for "Beast of Mind" by Fallow Fields. One of many bands you can hear on Pop Punk Radio! This video will have you running for your Nerf gun!

"In the past few years we have: Played many headline shows, small festivals, and supported upcoming bands; recorded and released three EPs on platforms such as Itunes and Spotify; released two music videos on Youtube, one of which featured on Kerrang! and Scuzz TV regularly; been interviewed, had regular airplay and played live sessions on radio stations such as BBC Three Counties and Vibe Radio; plus in December 2013 we were featured in an issue of Kerrang! magazine, and have had our gigs listed in multiple issues since. Our favorite show to date was January 2014 at Camden Barfly." - Nathan

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""The story is of a band called Fallow Fields. They found each other in 2010 after a questionably-sane girl called Lois, and a questionably-sane boy called Chris, bonded over a love of cheese and wine. A total dude called Phil told them he liked playing around the dodgy, dark, low ends, and they thought he seemed mysterious and cool. So the three headed for the pier where everyone knows the fun is at. Along the way they met a teeny tiny boy man. His name was Nathan. He explained his love for Zelda and it was a given - Nathan was to join the tribe for the long run. The four eventually found the pier and it was fun... but never quite met their expectations. The sun wasn't quite bright enough and the candy floss was just a bit shit really. Until suddenly, in 2012, a funny little being called Hydie who liked hitting things appeared. She made them laugh with her Beyonce butt-shakes, and they were all agreed that she was the missing piece! And so, Fallow Fields boarded the famous musical roller coaster of right place/wrong times, what ifs and maybes. It was mad cray. Some felt sick and got off, some just fell right out, and others stayed strong and encouraged the others back on. After what felt like forever, they all realised that they didn't need to be scared and that the roller coaster was meant to be fun. Fallow fields are now riding everyday, laughing at the drops it makes in their stomachs and loving every second.

The end." - Nathan