January 13, 2014

Pop Punk Podcast: Episode 50 - Best Pop Punk Albums Of 2013

We finally made it! Episode 50 is now here! It's been a long slow grind, and we probably should have hit this milestone MUCH earlier. But alas, life is busy and sometimes demands our attention in other areas. Either way, we want to thank YOU the listener for your continued support and enthusiasm for Pop Punk music!

Some of you may remember that last year we did a Top 10 Best Pop Punk Albums of 2012 episode. This year we decided to do things differently. With so much great music to choose from, and many albums we unfortunately did not have time to fully explore, we decided to forget the ranking process and dedicate Episode 50 to the best pop punk albums that we discovered over the year.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Our live broadcasts are moving to TUESDAYS @ 11AM PST

Episode 50:
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