June 19, 2013

Music Videos: "Cataratas num Barril" by Perturbadores de Silencio

Check out this music video by Perturbadores de Silencio which translates into Disturbing Silence. With a name like that, you KNOW this band is going to kick your teeth in with their music! And they do just that with their tune "Cataratas num Barril" (translated: "Falls in a Barrel").

With a chugging guitar riff reminiscent of Agent Orange's "Bloodstains" and testosterone inducing vocals that easily belong on a stage with the likes of Henry Rollins or Mike Muir. Perturbadores de Silencio is living proof that the old school punk/hardcore sound is alive and well in modern day Brazil! Do yourself a favor and make yourself familiar with this band!

Watch more videos by Perturbadores de Silencio on their Official YouTube Page!