May 15, 2013

Pop Punk Podcast: Episode 39 - Love / Addiction

Rise above the influence in Episode 39 of Pop Punk Podcast! Although there was no official "theme" for this episode, it turned in to a bit of a story containing elements of addiction and the roller-coaster of emotions inflicted upon those who suffer and the ones who love them.

This episode also features a catchy punk/ska tune submitted to us by the band Bad Pilgrim! If you have any requests for our next episode, let us know by commenting at the bottom of this post or on twitter / facebook!

BANDS! Submit your music to poppunkpodcast in mp3 format (no .zip or .rar files please, just mp3 or wav files) and if we dig your tunes we will play them!

Episode 38: Click here to listen / right-click to download.