May 09, 2013

Pop Punk Podcast: Episode 38 - Pucks N Punks Hockey Playlist #2

NHL Playoffs are in full force and that means a BRAND NEW edition of our Pucks N Punks episode featuring goal celebration songs, victory chants and tributes to some of your favorite teams. You can also read the lyrics and our interpretation of the song "Entrance At Rudebrook" by Millencolin which is a tribute to the band's home team in Orebro, Sweden. Get ready to cheer for your favorite team as they battle to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup!

If you haven't heard last year's edition then check that out also! Some of the songs appear in both, but hey, we challenge YOU to find enough hockey songs to fill a podcast with! If you have any requests for our next hockey episode, let us know by commenting at the bottom of this post or on twitter / facebook!

BANDS! Submit your music to poppunkpodcast unzipped in mp3 format and if we dig your tunes we will play them!

Episode 38: Click here to listen / right-click to download.