March 29, 2013

Pop Punk Podcast: Episode 35 - 20 Years of Anti-Flag

Celebrate Anti-Flag's 20th Anniversary in Episode 35 of Pop Punk Podcast! Check out AF's tour dates as they head across the US with 2 nights of shows. Performing a set of songs from a rotating collection of albums in their career-spanning catalog! For more info on tour dates as well as a review of their recent performance: click here!

Episode 35 also features a handful of submitted songs! Every week we remind our listeners who have pop-punk bands to submit their music to us for airplay! Well the listeners have responded by flooding our emails with more music than we can keep up with! Great job! Don't stop! BANDS! Submit your music to poppunkpodcast and if we dig your tunes we will play them!

Episode 35: Click to listen / right-click to download.