February 22, 2013

Pop Punk Podcast: Episode 29 - 30 Years of NOFX

30 years is a long time for a band to last. Most don't even make it 30 months. But NOFX has been turning out the hits for longer than many of their fans have been alive. Heck, some of their first albums are old enough to be parents to some of their newer fans. In some sad cases, the albums probably do a better job of raising those kids than their parents do. But we digress...

Episode 29 features more new music than just about any other episode we have done. We also drop a quick block of NOFX in celebration of the release of their 30th Anniversary Box Set! This is one of our best episodes yet!

BANDS! Don't forget that YOUR SONGS could be played on an episode of Pop Punk Podcast! Submit your music to poppunkpodcast@hotmail.com or post a link on our facebook page and if we dig your tunes we will play them!

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