December 11, 2012

Pop Punk Podcast - Episode 20 - "Rat Race"

You know your feline "room-mate" truly cares about you when he leaves you an early holiday gift on your doorstep in the form of a huge dead rat. A recent storm may have flushed the furry fella from an underground burrow into the hunting territory of an even larger and "claw-ier" furry fella. Regardless of the fur brained decisions that lead to his doom, this week's episode features a dedication to the rat that was sacrificed to the killer kitty gods.

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  1. The Rabble - "Sing With Me"
  2. Dropkick Murphy's - "Good Rats"
  3. Drain Bramaged - "Cat and Mouse"
  4. Bigwig - "Rat Race"
  5. NoFX - "I Don't Want You Around"
  6. Teenage Bottlerocket - "Never Gonna Tell You"
  7. Masked Intruder - "How Do I Get To You"
  8. Down Alondra - "Stay With Me"
  9. Get At Me - "Painting Luke's House"
  10. Sum 41 - "The Hell Song"
  11. Billy Talent - "Pocketful of Dreams"
  12. Mustard Plug - "Too Stupid"
  13. Bickley - "Bad Car"
  14. No Use For a Name - "DMV"
  15. The Nobodys - "I Hate To Drive"
  16. All - "Drive Away"