November 27, 2012

Pop Punk Podcast - Episode 19

Local pop-punk bands take notice! We want to play YOUR music on our podcast! Some of the songs on this set list were submitted by the bands themselves. So if you are in a pop punk band or know a friend who is, tell them to submit their music to us! If we dig the tunes, you could get played on a future episode of Pop Punk Podcast and exposed to thousands of followers on!

Submit new pop punk music to our facebook page ( or submit songs to in mp3 format.

Click to Listen / Right-Click to Download: here

Set List:
  1. All - "Real People"
  2. Naronic Distress - "Successful"
  3. 30 Foot Fall - "Feel Like Morrissey"
  4. Bigwig - "Drinken Knight"
  5. The Riverdales - "I Don't Wanna Go To The Party Tonight"
  6. The Sentiments - "Pom Pom High School Queen"
  7. The Ramones - "Teenage Labotomy"
  8. Bodyjar - "Not The Same"
  9. Suicide Machines - "New Girl"
  10. The Vandals - "Euro-Barge"
  11. Rufio - "Above Me"
  12. Frequency 5 - "The Perfect Girl"
  13. New Found Glory - "Radiosurgery"
  14. Madina Lake - "House Of Cards"
  15. Mercer Avenue - "Through The Looking Glass"
  16. Mixtapes - "Something Better"
  17. MxPx - "I'm OK, You're OK"
  18. Pinhead Gunpowder - "Once More Without Feeling"
  19. Pennywise - "Homesick"
  20. Alkaline Trio - "I Found Away"