August 27, 2012

New / Upcoming Pop Punk Band of the Week - Sprinter

We are kicking off a new feature with the renewal of Pop Punk Podcast. Every week or two we will feature a new and upcoming pop punk band for the listeners. With so many great pop punk bands to choose from, it is clear that Pop Punk Is NOT Dead!

This week we are featuring the band Sprinter from Montreal, Quebec in Canada! Formed in 2009,  Sprinter is a quartet of fast, energetic punk rock with a hint of ska.

Sprinter just headlined this year's independent punk music festival The Storm Fest on August 25th in Quebec and will be performing with Canadian punk legend's Gob on September 10th in Montreal at Underworld. They have also been confirmed to play at next year's Pouzza Fest!

Listeners have a chance to win a physical copy of  Sprinter's album Melee by commenting in the comment box below or by posting on the facebook page: here