June 12, 2012

"Spin" Movie: Russian Roulette, Strangers and One Way Out

What do you get when you cross Russian Roulette with 5 strangers and no way out except by surviving the game?

Check out the debut film by director James Henry Hall as he takes you on a ride through the dark side of the human psyche that will blow your mind (bad pun intended). YOU can also play a part in the production process by contributing to the distribution fundraiser campaign. You see, this movie is DIY which means we can't make it happen without the help of YOU (and possibly some friends). 

Various donation packages are available for every economic level. Perhaps we shouldn't call it a "donation" because you will actually receive something for your money other than self-gratification. Items include special edition DVDs of the film, a copy of the original script, a video of the director attempting martial arts moves or you can even have the director at your house performing magic tricks! (I've seen him, he's good!)

Contributions can be made here: 

Don't forget to spread the word and tell your friends! Help support new and upcoming artists! Transformers and X-Men will always be there for you, this is a limited time offer! Don't miss out!