May 03, 2012

BOYCOTT Mightier Than Sword (MTS)

BOYCOTT Mightier Than Sword Records! This company has been called out by Blink 182 for their association in the TOYPAJ Scam in which owner RJ Crowder has walked away with over $150,000 of customer money on pre-orders for a record that never existed. Read the statement from the band below:

"It has been brought to our attention that there are copies of the blink-182 catalog on vinyl that have been preordered and the orders have not been fulfilled. Although this is not a release that we have any control over we are currently trying to rectify the problem. In the meantime we ask that if you are wanting to buy any blink-182 vinyl that you should consider not purchasing from MTS records... until this issue is resolved. In addition to this we would suggest asking for a refund from the point of purchase if you have not received your order...

Thanks and we are sorry we are working on trying to find a solution.


In sum, DO NOT shop at