October 15, 2011

Episode 9 - Pucks N Punks

Celebrate the start of the NHL season with a special hockey themed episode of Pop Punk is Not Dead!

Punk rock and professional sports don't always mix, but hockey is an exception. Being the least popular of the major sports and the only one to allow fighting gives it punk rock points in my book. The action is also non-stop and every moment on the ice is just as intense as the action inside of a mosh-pit. Drop the puck and fuck 'em up!

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Set List:
  1. The Vandals - "Change the World with My Hockey Stick"
  2. Hanson Brothers - "The Hockey Song"
  3. The Forgotten Rebels - "Hockey Nite"
  4. Misfits - "I Wanna be a New York Ranger"
  5. Bouncing Souls - "Ole!"
  6. 2 Man Advantage - "Two for Tripping"
  7. The Riverdales - "Blood on the Ice"
  8. The Boils - "I'm a Hockey Fan"
  9. ? - "Don Cherry Remix"
  10. John Porter - "Leafs and Canadians Remix"
  11. Goldfinger - "Wayne Gretzky"
  12. Millencolin - "Entrance at Rudebrook"
  13. Dropkick Murphy's - "Time to Go"