Episode 1 - The Debut

Welcome to the debut of the Pop Punk Podcast. Enjoy and please "like" us on facebook. 

Click to listen or right click to download: (MP3)

Set List
  1. MxPx - "Punk Rock Show"
  2. Midtown - "Become What You Hate"
  3. Fenix Tx - "Phoebe Cates"
  4. Goldfinger - "This Lonely Place"
  5. Less Than Jake - "Ghosts of You and Me"
  6. Homegrown - "Waiting on Me"
  7. NOFX - "Creeping Out Sara"
  8. A Day to Remember - "All Signs Point to Lauderdale"
  9. Sugarcult - "Hate Every Beautiful Day"
  10. One Hit Wonder - "Floorlord"
  11. Sloppy Seconds - "The Thing from Uranus"
  12. The Living End - "Strange"
  13. Strike Anywhere - "Pledge Allegiance to the World"
  14. Moving Mountains - "Where Two Bodies Lie"
  15. Madina Lake - "Never Take Us Alive"
  16. Silverstein - "Forget Your Heart"
  17. The Ataris - "Not a Worry in the World"


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